Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Week That Was Instagrammed

This week I started work on my #autumnbucketlist by baking something. 

This week it was a Baked Cheese Cake with blueberries. It was my first cheese cake baking experience. 

It went a bit like this ...

I have also been making good my promise to make it to the park once a week. We tried out the seat unit of our pushchair. While she looks a bit small in it to me and I won't be using it all the time L has loved being nosey.

Next week I am going to spend all week focusing on my Autumn bucket list and am hoping to get my sewing machine out! Fingers crossed. 

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  1. That cheesecake looks tasty! I can't believe how much L has grown!!

    Thank you so much for linking up again :) xx

    1. Neither can I! I looked at some photos taken by a friend and was really struck by how much she is growing and changing.

      I was chuffed with the cheesecake! Very tasty and easier than I expected it to be.


  2. weirdly our babas have matching bibs and lamaze pram toys! She looks comfy in the pushchair part though? My husband keeps trying to get me to use ours this way but I want her to stay a tiny baby for a bit longer. However when I take her out in the sling she LOVES looking about so perhaps i'm just being a scrooge!

    1. No not a scrouge. L still fits in her pram unit and I do think she looks super tiny in this seat but she sleeps in it beautifully and will happily sit in it when we are out, much better than in her pram bit. It is hard tho seeing them get so big!

      That bib is popular in our NCT group to and everyone has a Freddie!! Haha