Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Passage of Time

At no other time in our lives are we so acutely aware of the passage of time. 

During pregnancy we count weeks and days. Contractions are counted in minutes. Labour is counted in hours. Once baby arrives and we count the weeks and months. 

L is 17 and a half weeks old. L is 4 months old. 

She has changed in so many ways. One of the most startling changes is how L interacts with the world around her.

She was passive and tiny in the bouncy chair when she was first born. Her tiny arms couldn't reach the toys hanging in front of her. Then she was captivated by purple monkey and would watch him. 

Now as soon as she is on the chair she is grabbing the toys and pulling them towards her mouth. She has good accuracy with this grabbing skill and uses both hands to capture the toys and a fierce grip to hold onto them.

She also won't be in the chair much longer as her head is almost touching the top and her legs equally long reach the music box.

On the playmat she would also just lay staring up and things which she probably couldn't see clearly. The toys would be rattled and rolled by us for her. She eventually was able to kick the toys and worked out how to make them rattle herself. 

This playmat has also been adapted in various ways to suit her interests and fascinations. She now gets on it and is excited to see Hedwig and Birdy. She is also rolling expertly onto her sides to reach and see different things. And excitedly she is now able to completely roll from her back to her front and back to her back again! 

This passage of time is startling fast. The changes are blink and you'll miss them fast. Her abilities are developing and skills improving which take her closer to independence. 

Rolling over is the first step towards crawling. Putting things in her mouth is a step towards weaning.

At no time are we so acutely aware of it but also so desperate for it to slow down and let us savour her moments of babyhood before they are gone.


  1. I love comparative photographs - I do it loads between my two girls to see how different/similar they are - sometimes hard to believe the little ones are the same people as the are now!

    1. Hello

      I love them, they remind me how much she has changed in her 4 months here. Crazy. I look at her and just think she has always been like this.

      I can not wait to do it with her younger siblings.

      Thanks for commenting. Xxx