Thursday, 10 October 2013

The days you hug your baby a little bit tighter

I went for a walk today, the walk I did everyday in the last three weeks of my pregnancy. During those walks I would rub my belly and talk to Pip imagining what life would be like when 'he' was here.

Our birth was different to how I imagined it. Our feeding story is a bit different to how I imagined it (still working on that post). Her gender is different to what I was expecting! But what is just how I imagined it is the love and the fear for our baby.

Life is full of love and excitement and joy because Pip was born and is L and she is a delight and a wonder of life and energy. I love her. Our birth had some scary moments but she is here safe, I am here safe and fully recovered. 

We are loving family life.

And then something happens. You hear tragic news, you read a heart breaking story. You hug your baby a bit tighter and you thank whoever you wish that your baby is safe and well and that you can hug and kiss them still. And it gives you the fear.

Life can be cruel and take away the most loved people, be it adult, child or baby. These events shatter lives and when they come out of the blue suddenly they are all the more shocking. 

We need to hug our babies, kiss our partners and love with wild abandon, because life is also full of fear but we can't let it take over and rule our lives. 

Take each day as a blessing and remember those walks on the green dreaming big for our bump. Try and push the fears aside, be thankful and love. 

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