Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nappy Kind Boutique Leg Warmers

I saw a shout out to review leg warmers from Nappy Kind Boutique on twitter and jumped at the chance to try some out at a reduced cost. I was curious as to when I would use them and if they would suit us as a cloth family.
Nappy Kind Boutique stock a wide range of baby products from cloth nappies to taggie gift sets as well as very cool looking leggings. They also have a wide selection of leg warmers at varying costs and it was these I was keen to try. I chose two girly but not pink designs of polka dots and apples! I thought these would go with the widest range of our current outfits. The Apple Burst retail at £4.99 and the Purple Polka Dot (as modelled below) retail at £6.99 (although they are currently in the sale at £5.99)

These leg warmers are not sized and are meant to be able to fit from babies through to toddlers. They fit L well, they are baggy but the extra spaces makes getting them on over leggings and baby grows easy. They also fit well when L is just wearing a cloth nappy working as a pair of tights of leggings under dresses.

I don't find they make nappy changes quicker. If your baby is anything like my wriggly bottomed one you might find that the leg warmers are covered in poo as I did! So I still take them off to change L. They are very quick to put back on and no more complicated than putting tights or leggings on a baby who doesn't stay still.

They stayed on ok. One pair was better than the other for staying up power, I think the Apple Burst looked slightly larger so this may be why.
                              Apple Burst                                     Purple Polka Dot

They washed well the first time I washed them in my old washing machine. But, on their second wash, first in my new machine, the elastic went on one end of one leg warmer. It is frayed now and I am not sure how well they will work for staying power on my young baby, as well as being not especially safe for a small babies hands. I am a bit disappointed about this and would have been more so if I had paid full price.
"Why does she need leg warmers?"

A question my sister asked me, a good one and one I used a lot when baby shopping.

My answer to my sister was that they keep her legs toasty, they fit over leggings, tights and baby grows as another layer of warmth, especially important in these colder months when I carry L in a sling or at home when I am still refusing to put the heating on. They also work well as alternatives to tights which as a cloth mum can be a bit snug. I also mused on the idea of them being used on babies in hospital who might not be able to wear full baby grows due to tubes and lines in their fragile bodies. This needs looking into and it might be better suited to use something gentler on skin such as organic cotton.

I think they do look really funky, when L starts crawling I will get them back out to put on her to save both her knees on our wooden floors and her outfits! If you are a baby wearer or know a baby wearer they would be a good purchase. They make a lovely novelty gift. They fall into like to have rather than need in this house currently ... watch this space tho as that might change when I have a crawler!

*Disclaimer. I received these leg warmers at a reduced cost for the purpose of this review but the opinions and views expressed are all my own.*

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