Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Babies Playspace Makeover Pt. 2

L's new favourite thing is tugging fabric, be it her knees her muslin or mummy's top (this last one especially so when mummy is trying to feed discretely in public!)

So today I changed L's playmat to give her some fun fabrics to tug and pull at. 

I chose a random selection, a silky scarf, a muslin and a knitted blanket. I hooked and threaded the fabrics through the loops on the playmat and placed L underneath. She was able to reach all the fabrics and give them a good old taste. 

It took two minutes to set up and gave L about 15minutes of playtime. The silky scarf was L's favourite by far and she sucked this one good and proper! 

When the pulling and tugging got boring we reverted to the old favourite Peek a Boo!


Use your parenting judgement with this one. I didn't leave L unattended at this activity. 

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