Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Start of Term ... Or not

For the past 4 years my Septembers have been about school. Starting school, either as a student or a teacher, filled not only September but most of August. The stationary buying, the file sorting, the uniform buying and the homework. 

Many of these things I loved due to slight OCD tendencies and the fact that organisation keeps my dyslexic brain in check. I love getting new note books and labelling sections, having a place and a plan for everything. Buying at least one new outfit is always called for at the start of a new school year. And thinking of a new term means a lot of pinning and big ideas. It is about setting objectives and outcomes.

So, what do I do this year?

I am setting up my timetable, filled with swimming, sensory, park visits and lunches. My objectives being new experiences for my little lady.  

I started a new note book for our house move and labeled sections. I also have a folder filled with legal documents I barely understand. The outcomes should be an organised move with all elements taken care of.

I am still working on my new mum makeover and am currently planning on chopping and dying my hair. My objective here is to feel like my look reflects the massive change in my life and to compliment my new curves.

And I have my blog, a creative outlet for ideas big and small, as well as flexing some long out of use writing skills. I hope it helps me organise my thoughts, pick me up out of blue times and record L and I's journey together.

Welcome to the new term mums, dads, ladies, gentlemen and kids big and small. What does it hold in store for you? 


  1. Good luck with all your new starts. It sounds like an exciting time of change is ahead for you. Especially good luck with that move. I don't envey you doing that with a new baby in tow.

    I love the pretty blue background on your blog :)

  2. Hi, yes it is going to be an exciting few months I think for both of us. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Xxx