Saturday, 7 September 2013

New Mum Makeover

I have been tweeting and pinning lots recently about my New Mum Makeover. In the three months since having L I feel like my style is changing. I am adjusting to my new body shape and am wanting to experiment with other new looks and styles to suit this new me. 

I am wanting a capsule wardrobe that is filled with flattering easy pieces which work together along with a few nice extras. I still love converse and my mac but am thinking tweed blazer and new slim jeans.  I still love stripes but my mummy tummy is less forgiving so I need some new styles and cuts to suit. I want lose billowy blouses and flattering well cut dresses.

I am also wanting to change my hair, for ages my style has been long and down. The longer it gets the more curl it gets at the ends which I like but it isn't something I can engineer or at least I don't know how to! I would love it shorter but curlier something my hair just doesn't do. So a new hair style is needed, possibly a new colour? I have gone dark in the past is this something I might go back to? 

My make up look is pretty simple but I would love to be more adventurous in my lip colour. As a glasses wearer I feel this area of my face is more visible for impact!  But it needs to be easy to apply and changing bag friendly. I love doing my nails and will continue to experiment with colours and be brave and try patterns! 

Becoming a mum is a transformative time, I am excited by the change and embracing it. My lifestyle is different now and through the huge process which is pregnancy and birth I feel more confident in myself and my body. 

I have started my New Mum Makeover with new glasses. Something bigger and bolder than I have gone for in the past. I like the start of this journey. I wonder where it will take me?

Check out my pinterest page. New Mum Makeover. 


  1. I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe too, alas maternity pay means I have to make do with what I have, apart from a few things (like a winter coat that fits!) I was under the misguided impression that after three months (which it was yesterday!) that I might look like I did pre baby, ha! no chance...
    I love keeping my nails done nicely, even if I dont always wear makeup to leave the house in!
    Love the new frames too :)

    1. Thanks!

      I have eyes bigger than my wallet! Think I wil do a post on a new look on a budget because like you three months on non of my clothes seem to fit in the same way!

      I also need a new winter coat. Have you seen any nice ones?