Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Get Fit Mummy: week 1

So. Me and exercise have never been best of friends. I am zero competitive and  don't particularly like being hot and sweaty. I have in the past enjoyed Yoga and Pilates but given the choice between these after work or the sofa the sofa always won. I have also in the past run 10k. I trained twice a week for two months. And I finished in just under an hour, I haven't run since. I have always liked to swim and me and J went weekly for a while but like all of these plans it fell away in life and wedding planning. During my pregnancy I went to a few pregnancy yoga classes and brought a fitness DVD which I didn't use. 

I am an active person, I walk places and get the bus being a not very confident driver. I am a teacher and on my feet all day. I don't diet or weigh myself but use my clothes as a guide, if they are tight I hold back on the treats. I love food but eat relatively healthily, with a healthy dose of chocolate and cake. 

But now my body is clinging onto the fat reserves put down during pregnancy. I am also breast feeding which is a no diet zone. My body is a different shape. I have pudge in places it didn't settle before. J likes my new curves but I have a wardrobe full of clothes which just don't fit. And I am still getting used to my new body shape. 

I was all ready to join my buggy fitness class this week but, my growth spurt baby was unreasonably unhappy unless I was holding her. So week 1 is a fitness fail. But I shall make it out to the park for a walk today. I shall. 
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  1. I am currently trying to lose some babyweight too and it can be so hard. I am currently 2 weeks into the 30 day shred, ouch, but am beginning to lose willpower. I hope all goes well for you.
    Am popping over from Mondays parenting pin it party x

    1. Hello, I admre you even doing two days of the dreaded shred! I admit to being very weak willed and have to really motivate myself to get out and going. I do feel better for it.

      Thanks for popping over and good luck with the remaining 28 days! xxx

  2. its so hard isn't it to get organised to get out there! i am back at hockey but hoping to start running .. not sure i will succeed lol
    Good luck this week x