Friday, 2 August 2013

Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory fun with instructions of how to make a discovery bottle.


Baby sensory, the introduction of your baby to a range of sensory activities which help their development. It is big business with lots of paid for courses and the like popping up all over the place.

Today while the thunder rumbled over head and I made a cup of tea I referred back to my Pinterest page Playtime! and found a pin from the The Imagination Tree website. This website has loads of play ideas for children of all ages and is a great source of inspiration to me. As L was sleeping I decided to have a go at making one. I grabbed the lost bottle of glitter which had found its way home from school, an old water bottle, some food colouring and sunflower oil.
I mixed some food colouring with water and then added the glitter, this glitter wasn't the best for this project as it has a powdery consistency which meant the glitter floated on the water, some vigorous mixing helped to combine the two. I then poured this into the water bottle filling it 3/4 full. I then topped the bottle up with oil. I screwed the cap on as tight as I could and put a few coats of cellotape around the top. It probably wouldn't stop a total leak but might give me enough warning it was about to happen to take preventative measures.
When shaken by adult hands the glitter mixes well with the oil and the bubbles of different density liquid make for pleasing watching. Shining a light through the bottle was also really lovely to watch and made the glitter sparkle.

For a first attempt at 'at home' baby sensory I am pleased. I combined this with a small lavender bag, mostly because it was also purple. I scrunched it up and presented it to be smelt. I then finished the session off using a purple tie (shhhhh don't tell Daddy Morkus) stroked on L's cheek. L liked to watch the water swirling when I held it directly over her, she was also content to watch it when it was placed on the floor.

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  1. She looks engrossed, brilliant! Thanks for sharing with the Parenting Pin-it Party.